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The Paratrooper Webbase has been a vast resource for over 1.150.000 visitors during the last years. What started as a STIWOT website on Band of Brothers has become an information 'Base' on all allied Paratroopers, their gear, vehicles, uniforms and heritage ! Our Research submenu has developed into an interactive way of sharing historical information.Together with our friends from all around the world we are dedicated to sharing as much as information as possible with you, our visitors, on the WW2 Paratroopers. We are honored to take you along our great crusade. Airborne Forever !!
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Based on this website and a bunch of close friends we have started the “Band of Brothers Living History Group”.

We are all set to make this website even better and more educational. Apart from Easy Company 506 th we will also report on other US Airborne Divisions and Regiments that were active during WWII.

Our aim is to keep the memory of the actions of the US Airborne troops alive and to collect and preserve items and materiel used in WWII by means of research and living history, often in cooperation with other living history groups.

Several members of our group have adopted graves of US paratroopers interred at the US cemeteries at Margraten ( Netherlands ) or Henri-Chapelle ( Belgium ).

Members of Band of Brothers Living History Group will attend functions and commemorations, accompany visiting veterans and visit cemeteries and historical sites, both in The Netherlands and abroad.

Over the next few months many new articles, reports and photo material will be added on-line and you will be able to take a virtual tour with us. Or maybe you can accompany us or visit us during one of our actual tours?  We are always looking forward to meeting new friends.

We will follow the route of free gathering and providing of information, maintaining contact with veterans and their families in order to preserve their knowledge, experiences and stories and to pass these on to generations to come.

Lest we forget!

Band of


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Received :

Band of Brothers receveid from U.S. Army a certificate of Appreciation.

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The living History Group is present click here for more information
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The first photo's online of the ceremony off Shifty Powers and Forrest Guth. Click here




Latest news:

More sad news Jack Foley is passed away on September 14th 2009 latest interview Click here

---------------------------------Sad news Forrest Guth passed away on August 9th 2009.

.May he rest in peace.

Meetings in the past with Forrest Guth: Click here 1





News has come to us of the passing of major Richard D. Winters.
Here a quick note of Linda from the Major Dick Winters website. 

"Dear friends, I regret to inform you that Major Winters passed away earlier this week after a long illness. 
Please do not contact the Winters family and respect their privacy. 
Mrs. Winters will release the news to the public shortly. 

That is all info I have for now dear members...I'm still recovering from the news"

by Linda Cautaert on Sun Jan 09, 2011 3:27 pm

More Information on website Major Winters


Band of brothers presently Command changes at USAG Schinnen

On invitation of USAG Schinnen we were on 8 July 2010 with our club present at the presentation of the changes or commands, more information here...


Extra information on the website of Para Research Team click here






On June 17th 2009 Darrell “Shifty” Powers passed away after a lengthy battle with cancer.

May he rest in peace and may his family be blessed with wonderful memories of his life. Click here

Meetings in the past with Shifty:

Click here 1



























































































This Website is not updated anymore and the latest information is added to our other web site. Click here for the new website.