Dear sponsor or potential sponsor,

Without the generous contributions of our sponsors it would not be possible for us to maintain and operate this club. These contributions are proof of how deeply the sympathy for commemorations and celebrations based on WWII events is anchored in all layers of modern-day society.

Having sponsors is the basis for many things: that membership costs are at a level that many can afford, that we can buy and maintain our vehicles, that we can buy gifts and flowers for special events like the Memorial Day events at Henri Chapelle and Margraten, where we lay a wreath for all fallen US Paratroopers.

Our sponsors not only provide financial support but also help us with paints for the vehicles, printing matter for events and things like that.

We hold a special event once a year to especially thank our sponsors for what they have done for us on our ‘Sponsor's Day”.

If you would also like to join the ranks of our sponsor's or help out in any way (we need a Treasurer for example), please send an email to us and we will send you more information.

Every donation or contribution of any kind is more than welcome!

Kind regards,

Band Of Brothers