Mr. David Atkinson, Superintendent of the Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery, I received a letter;

In response to your request, enclosend is the adoption certificate for the following soldier: Sergeant Cecil E. Hill.
We thank you for the respect you show the soldiers buried here at Henri-Chapelle American Cemetery and are most pleased to send you the certificate.

Adoption Certificate:
Name: Cecil E. Hill
Rank: Sergeant
SN: 37515709
Org: 119th Infantry 30th Division
Decoration: Purple Heart
Date of Death: 24 September 1944
State: Missouri
Dated: February 14th 2004.

Me and my family are proud and honored to be given this certificate.
What started out as a quest, started by finding a name engraved in a canteen-cup, bridged 60 years of history.
We do hope to find Cecill E. Hills next of kin.

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