January 01 1945: John T. Julian E-Co 506th PIR KIA at Bastogne.
January 02 1945: Captain Fred A. Owens 501st PIR 101st Airborne KIA. Buried at Luxembourg US Cemetery.
January 03 1946: The 82nd Airborne Division returns to the US.
January 04 1945: Pvt. Leonard M Rice 502nd PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Luxembourg US Cemetery.
January 05 1943: 511th PIR activated at Camp Toccoa.
January 06 1945: 194th Glider Infantry Regiment digs in at Houmont to go on a flanking movement to Renuamont.
January 07 1945: 504th and 508th PIR's launch attack near Thier-du-Mont (Ardennes).
January 08 1945: 8 men squad of C-Co 1st Bn 327th GIR send out on spying mission to Rovette.
January 09 1944: US James Parker docks at Belfast, Ireland. The 508th PIR has reached Europe.
January 10 1944: Hoobler, Muck & Penkala E-Co 506th PIR KIA at Bastogne.
January 11 1945: 505th PIR relieved by the 75th Infantry Division and redeployed near Theux, Belgium.
January 12 1945: Pfc. Francis B Smith 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Luxembourg US Cemetery.
January 13 1945: Kenneth Webb and Patrick Neill E-Co 506th PIR KIA at Bastogne.
January 14 1945: Lt. Col. Stopka, 502nd PIR, and 30 other troopers KIA by friendly Aircraft fire near Michamps.
January 15 1943: during the Casablanca conference Roosevelt and Churchill agree to invade France.
January 16 1945: All 506th PIR consolidate position around Bastogne to be relieved by 17th Airborne Division.
January 17 1945: Staff Serg. Gerald J. Scheier 502nd PIR 101st Airborne Div. KIA. Buried at Luxembourg US Cemetery.
January 18 1945: 2nd Battalion 506th PIR is send to Haguenau in the Alsace German-France region.
January 19 1942: Soviet Paratroopers land south of Smolensk to assist local partizans against German occupier.
January 20 1943: Casablanca conference (Jan 14-Jan 24) The Anglo-American strategy discussions continue.
January 21 1946: Airborne Training Detachment at Fort Bragg is transferred to Fort Benning.
January 22 1945: In the Ardennes, the US 1st Army attacks all along the front between Houffalize and St. Vith.
January 23 1943: British 8th Army occupies Tripoli. Port is rebuild to receive supplies and men.
January 24 1944: 503rd RCT (503rd PIR + 376th PAB + 307th PE) assigned to seize Borgo Piave, Italy.
January 25 2002: 2nd Battalion (Airborne) 503d Infantry reactivated.
January 26 1945: 11th Airborne Division lands at Nasgubu Beach, Philipines.
January 27 1945: Battle of the Bulge ends.
January 28 1944: 504th PIR relieved at the defense along the Mussolini Canal, Italy.
January 29 1945: First Sergeant Leonard Funk jr. (C-Co 508th PIR) receives Congressional Medal of Honor.
January 30 1945: Hitler addresses the nation by radio for the last time. 'German Soldiers, fight!'.
January 31 1945: On Luzon, two regiments of 11th Airborne Division land by sea near Nasugbu

February 01 1943: In February 1943 the 508th PIR adopts the Red Devil emblem and 'Diablo' battle-cry.
February 02 1945: British forces mount attacks over the Maas, north of Breda and near Nijmegen.
February 03 1945: 511th PIR parachutes onto Tagaytay Ridge, Luzon Island, Philippines.
February 04 1943: John A. Ward is commissioned as the Army's First Parachute Rigger Warrant Officer.
February 05 1943: Mussolini dismisses Count Ciano as Foreign Minister and takes over responsibility for it himself.
February 06 1940: England launches a nationwide campaign: 'Careless Talk Costs Lives!'.
February 07 1945: Jalta conference (February 4 - February 11) continues. War on Japan is discussed.
February 08 1945: 1st Canadian Army and 2nd British Army start new offensive from between the Maas and the Waal.
February 09 1945: 517th PIR assembles near Huertgen.
February 10 1945: William F. Kiehn E-Co 506th PIR KIA at Alsace.
February 11 1945: 511th Regimental Commander Colonel O.D. Haugen mortally wounded at the Philippines.
February 12 1945: Government of Peru declares War on Japan and Germany.
February 13 1945: 11th US Airborne Division captures Nichols Field in the Philippines.
February 14 1945: Dresden is bombed by RAF Bomber Command. A firestorms kills 10.000's of people.
February 15 1944: Monte Casino's historical monastery is bombed by the allies to eliminate German resistance.
February 16 1945: Staff Sergeant Edward Gulsvick E-Co 503rd PIR KIA at Corregidor by sniper during jump.
February 17 1942: A Japanese airplane makes a reconnaissance flight over Sydney, Australia.
February 18 1942: The RAF withdraws its units from Sumatra to Java.
February 19 1944: Anzio Beachhead stabilized in Italy.
February 20 1945: Nuremberg is bombed by 900 US B-17 bombers.
February 21 1945: 511th liberates Manila. In 18 days of fighting the 511th has 900 casualties.
February 22 1945: 508th PIR moves back to Camp Sissonne to be put in SHAEF reserve.
February 23 1945: 511th troopers jump on the Los Banos prison (Philippines) and rescue 2.147 POW's.
February 24 1943: Field Marshall Rommel assumes command of Army Group Africa.
February 25 1943: 11th Airborne Division activated at Camp Mackall, NC.
February 26 1943: First day for the 187th Glider Regiment designated to the 11th Airborne Division.
February 27 1945: 327th GIR takes an eighteen-hour trip from Reding to Mourmelon.
February 28 1945: In this month the 327th GIR suffered a total of 68 casualties.
February 29 1942: 509th 1st Airborne Unit with Presidential Citation. 1944: 509th Huff receives MOH as 1st paratrooper.

March 01 1945: 517th Parachute Infantry Combat Team joins the 13th Airborne Division at Joigny, France.
March 02 1942: The 502nd PIR and 503rd PIR activated.
March 03 1941: Capt W.P. Yarborough is ordered to Washington to design a suitable Parachutist Badge.
March 04 1943: British forces set up defensive lines with new 17-pounder guns near Medenine, Tunisia.
March 05 1945: Germany class 1929 boys are found fit for service (15 and 16 year old).
March 06 1944: Berlin is raided by 660 heavy US bombers for the first time.
March 07 1945: US forces capture the Remagen Bridge. The road to Germany is open.
March 08 1945: Lt. Col. Strayer becomes 506th PIR XO. Major Winters becomes 2nd Battalion C.O.
March 09 1945: 84.000 Japanese are killed by a US napalm attack on Tokyo.
March 10 1941: Parachute Badge formally approved. Speed record for War Department Procurement.
March 11 1945: German POW's escape from a camp in Wales but all 70 are recaptured.
March 12 1945: A German counterattack in Remagen results in heavy fighting.
March 13 1942: In the Krim-area the Soviet lose no less then 131 tanks 3 days.
March 14 1945: First time use of the 'Grand Slam', 22.000 pound Bomb on the Bielefeld viaduct.
March 15 1943: 517th PIR activated at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.
March 16 1944: The German 1st Paratroop Division is still holding Monte Cassino.
March 17 1944: 542nd Infantry Regiment deactivated. 3rd battalion becomes 542nd Parachute Battalion.
March 18 1945: Ludendorff Bridge at Remagen collapses from all the battle damage suffered.
March 19 1945: Hitler orders to use the scorched earth tactic. It is widely ignored by German commanders.
March 20 1945: US 7th Army captures Saarbrucken. The front in Germany in widening.
March 21 1945: German Gestapo HQ in Copenhagen is attacked by British Bombers.
March 22 1944: New Zealand Corps (part of 5th US Army) attacks Monte Cassino. Attack fails.
March 23 1945: Operation Plunder. 2 Parachute Battalions are dropped to aid the crossing of the Rhine near Wesel.
March 24 1942: 504th PIR formed from one of the original Parachute Battalions. 1945: Operation Varsity.
March 25 1942: 82nd reactivated at Camp Claiborne under the command of Major General Omar Bradley.
March 26 1945: US 5th Marine Division wipes out Japanese suicide attack at Iwo Jima.
March 27 1945: Last V2 rocket crashes near London.
March 28 1945: After a discussion with Hitler, German General Guderian is dismissed.
March 29 1944: 462nd Parachute Artillery Battalion assigned to the 503rd Regimental Combat Team.
March 30 1944: RAF bombs Nuremberg with 795 bombers.
March 31 1945: Cpl. Glenn E. Byers 502nd PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Body never found. Wall of Missing Holland.

April 01 1945: US invades Okinawa.
April 02 1945: 506th PIR moved to the Ruhr Pocket near Dusseldorf.
April 03 1944: Negroes are allowed the right to vote in Texas, US.
April 04 1945: Allied forces capture Osnabruck.
April 05 1945: Allied forces cross Weser River.
April 06 1945: Allied Forces enter Hamm.
April 07 1945: Free French Paratroopers are dropped in Holland.
April 08 1945: 327th GIR crosses the Nuess River downstream and fights in the outskirts of Hamm.
April 09 1945: German Admiral Canaris is hanged in the Flossenburg Concentration Camp.
April 10 1945: Hannover is captured by the Allied Forces.
April 11 1945: Soviet Forces reach Vienna center.
April 12 1945: President Roosevelt dies. Harry S. Truman becomes 33rd president of the US.
April 13 1945: Pfc. Robert M. Watts 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Wall of Missing Margraten.
April 14 1945: Himmler orders 'no prisoner of Dachau shall fall into enemy hands alive'.
April 15 1943: 517th PIR assigned to the 17th Airborne Division.
April 16 1945: Colditz special POW Camp is liberated. The special build 'Escape Glider' would never fly.
April 17 1945: German resistance in the Ruhr pocket comes to an end. 101st Airborne reassigned to guard duties.
April 18 1945: Tec 5 Alex M Abercrombie 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten.
April 19 1987: General Maxwell Taylor dies in Washington D.C. Buried at Arlington National Cemetery.
April 20 1945: Easy Company troopers enjoy 1 pair of clean socks, 3 bottles Coca Cola and 2 bottles US Beer each.
April 22 1945: Easy Company 506th moves out in DDT sprayed trucks and are issued 5 rations per soldier.
April 23 1944: 327th GIR participates in exercises as a seaborn echelon.
April 24 1945: Soviets penetrate into Berlin.
April 25 1941: Hitler issues order for Operation Merkur; Fallschirmjaeger will attack the Island of Crete.
April 26 1945: Allied forces complete the capture of Bremen.
April 27 1945: Soviet Troops capture Tempelhoff Airfield near Berlin.
April 28 1943: 505th leaves New York Port of Embarkation for Casablanca.
April 29 1945: 2nd Battalion 506th PIR assists with the liberation of Dachau.
April 30 1945: Hitler commits suicide in his Berlin bunker.

May 01 1942: 504th PIR activated at Fort Benning, Georgia.
May 02 1945: The German Army in Italy surrenders.
May 03 1945: Berlin is captured completely by Soviet Troops.
May 04 1945: 506th PIR arrives in Berchtesgaden which houses Hitler's Eagles Nest HQ.
May 05 1945: Dutch Liberation Day. All of The Netherlands is free now (including non-tactical important regions)
May 06 1945: Easy Company 506th PIR discovers the secret liquor cellar of Herman Goring in Berchtesgaden.
May 07 1945: Pvt. Bert J. Moyer 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Epinal US Cemetery.
May 08 1945: Col. Sink, 506th PIR, accepts German regional surrender. Overall: VE-Day !
May 09 1944: 2000 troopers of 511th PIR travel by USS Sea Pike to New Guinea disguised as Infantry Unit.
May 10 1940: Germany invades Holland, Belgium, France. 1943: 504th arrives in Casablanca, Morocco.
May 11 1944: British Lancaster 'Bomber S for Sugar' completes it's 100th mission.
May 12 1945: 555 PIB gets assigned to HQ 9th Service Command, Ft Douglas, Utah to fight Japanese Fugo's.
May 13 1945: Supply officer Cpt. Sobel orders to turn in the silk escape maps of France, he gets 'NUTS' by Winters.
May 14 1945: Pvt. George M. Koscelansky 502nd PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Lorraine Cemetery.
May 15 1944: The German defense on the Gustav Line begins to collapse.
May 16 1944: Allies settle post-liberation agreements with Belgium, The Netherlands and Norway.
May 17 1945: Dutch Associated Press can publish without censor from Allied command.
May 18 1944: Polish 2nd Corps finally captures the ruins of Monte Cassino.
May 19 1940: Guderians Panzer Divisions are still moving forwards on the Western Front.
May 20 1945: David Webster writes his parents 'My bathing suit is getting quite a workout', swimming at Zeller See.
May 21 1944: An explosion on a landing craft kills over 100 people at Pearl Harbor.
May 22 1941: The chase is on for the battleship Bismarck. British ships set out for confrontation.
May 23 1945: Heinrich Himmler commits suicide by cyanide capsule.
May 24 1943: Last day of the Trident Conference. Target day for the invasion of Europe is set to May 1st 1944.
May 25 1944: Reporter John H. 'Beaver' Thompson visits 505th PIR at Quorn, Leicestershire, England.
May 26 1945: SHAEF is transferred from Rheims to Frankfurt, Germany.
May 27 1941: Bismarck is sunk, after being severely damaged by British shells and torpedoes.
May 28 1944: 511th PIR arrives at Oro Bay, New Guinea. 517th PIR arrives in Italy.
May 29 1940: Seyss-Inquart installed as German Reichscommisar of the Netherlands.
May 30 1942: Over 1000 British Bombers raid Cologne.
May 31 1945: Odilo Globocnik, German Camp 'Munster' commits suicide when arrested by British patrol.

June 01 1945: Former pro-nazi Russian Cossacks start a battle to prevent falling into Soviet hands. 700 die.
June 02 1944: 506th PIR 101 Airborne Division officers are briefed by 1st Lt. Nixon and Capt. Hester on D-Day.
June 03 1944: All paratroopers are briefed and start learning the sandtable details.
June 04 1944: All Airborne Troops are served outstanding meals. Steak, Peas, Potatoes, Bread, Ice Cream & Coffee.
June 05 2002: Robert E. Wright, 501st PIR's Combat Medic, unveils Monument at Angoville au Plain, Normandy.
June 06 1944: 12.000+ US Paratroopers drop into Normandy. 2001: 47 vets of 506th PIR E-Co at Utah Beach
June 07 1944: A total of 3.937 soldiers arrive in Normandy by glider on June 6th and 7th.
June 08 2002: Marcus Heim (505th PIR) & Orlando Ortiz (508th PIR) attend Memorial Jump at La Fiere, Normandy.
June 09 1944: Men of the 325th GIR link up with 2nd Bat 507th PIR (Lt Col Timmer) near the Merderet River.
June 10 1940: Italy declares war on Britain and France.
June 11 1942: First full day that the 509th spends in England as first US Airborne unit overseas.
June 12 1944: Pvt James W Bowie 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Normandy US Cemetery.
June 13 1944: 327th GIR moves back to the Carentan rail line to hold their ground.
June 14 1927: Robert F. Sink graduates at West Point Military Academy.
June 15 1944: 327th GIR moves to Carentan to assist the 501st PIR and 502nd PIR.
June 16 1941: Bob Piper gets promoted to 2nd Lt.
June 17 1944: Pvt. Cyril T. Kelleher 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at US Cemetery Normandy.
June 18 1944: Weather turns for the worst over Normandy.
June 19 1944: Major. Robert M. Piper 505th PIR marries frontline 'donut' girl and Red Cross aid Miss Evelyn Stevens.
June 20 1944: Pvt. Fred J. Anuszewski 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at US Cemetery Normandy.
June 21 1944: Storm that raged over Normandy cut the Allies short of 140.000 tons of supplies.
June 22 1941: Germany invades the Soviet Union.
June 23 1944: Sergeant Melvin Arthur Moses 508th PIR KIA in Normandy. Buried at US Cemetery Normandy.
June 24 1944: Pvt. Morris Landsdale 502nd PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at US Cemetery Normandy.
June 25 1941: Amsterdam Jews are instructed to register themselves.
June 26 1941: German Reichcommisar of The Netherlands forbids working on Sunday for a.o. Jews.
June 27 1944: Cherbourg captured by the 1st US Army.
June 28 1942: US Army Bill for 1942 is accepted by the Congress.
June 29 1945: President Truman agrees with plan to invade Japan in November '45 and March '46.
June 30 1944: British 6th Airborne Division suffers a total of 2.709 WIA and 1.748 KIA/MIA in Normandy.

July 01 1940: CW4 John A. Ward volunteers to join the Original Parachute Test Platoon.
July 02 1940: The Fuhrer has decided that an invasion of England is possible.
July 03 1941: Stalin broadcasts 1st time since German Invasion, defending 1939 non-aggression pact with the Nazi's.
July 04 1944: At 05.00 hrs the Allied attack on Caen begins.
July 05 1943: Start of the largest combined US paratrooper and gliderborne troops exercise.
July 06 1942: 505th PIR activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
July 07 1944: Fierce Allied bombing of Caen.
July 08 1944: Heavy fighting commences on the Carentan - Perriers road in Normandy.
July 09 1943: 505th PIR makes first regimental size combat jump at Gela, Sicily.
July 10 1943: 504th PIR jumps on Farello Airstrip. 23 Airplanes shot down and 318 troops KIA by friendly fire.
July 11 1943: German Panzers counterattack towards Gela, Sicily.
July 12 1944: Hill 192 near St. Lo is captured by the Allies.
July 13 1944: 508th PIR returns from Normandy to England with 1.161 casualties out of 2.056 paratroopers.
July 14 1945: 555th PIB (all black) starts its 'smoke jumper' missions in the US.
July 15 1943: End of the largest combined US paratrooper and gliderborne troops exercise.
July 16 1945: First atomic bomb is set of at Alamogordo, New Mexico.
July 17 1944: Rommel wounded by Allied fighter attack.
July 18 1944: St Lo is as good as captured by the Allied Forces.
July 19 1945: Potsdam conference commences. Churchill, Stalin and Truman confer on politics and strategy.
July 20 1942: 506th PIR activated at Camp Toccoa, Georgia.
July 21 1945: American radio broadcasts warns Japan to surrender or face destruction.
July 22 1943: US Forces enter Palermo, Sicily.
July 23 1918: 101st Infantry Division activated but demobilized after end of First World War.
July 24 1943: Hamburg is bombed by the Allies while strips of metal are being used to confuse the enemy's radar.
July 25 1944: According to the Overlord Plan 150.000 should be supplied via Cherbourg. Only 18.000 tons did arrive.
July 26 1944: US 7th Corps captures Marigny, Normandy.
July 27 1944: US 8th Corps captures Perriers.
July 28 1943: Nicosia is finally liberated by the American troops at Sicily.
July 29 1944: Operation Cobra continues in Normandy.
July 30 1944: Allied forces reach Avranches at the Normandy / Brittany border.
July 31 1943: Glidertroops are finally issued the duty bonus of 50 US$ a month.

August 01 1944: Patton's 3rd Army becomes operational.
August 02 1945: British King George and US President Truman meet in Plymouth.
August 03 1944: Mortain is captured by the Allied Forces.
August 04 1944: German Forces in Brittany, France fall back to the major ports such as Brest and St. Nazaire.
August 05 1944: Last day of the 550th Airborne Infantry Battalion driven Glider School.
August 06 1944: Montgomery appoints Argentan the boundery between the US and Anglo-Canadian forces in Normandy.
August 07 1944: German counterattack in Brittany, France.
August 08 1945: President Truman threatens Japan with the use of an atomic bomb.
August 09 1945: Second atomic bomb is dropped on Nagasaki.
August 10 1945: 11th Airborne Division moves to Okinawa to escort general Douglas McArthur into Japan.
August 11 1944: 1st US Army crosses the Loire River.
August 12 1945: Robert F. Sink is named assistant division commander of the 101st Airborne Division.
August 13 1943: 13th Airborne Division activated at Fort Bragg, North Carolina.
August 14 1998: Charles H Ellis 508th PIR 82nd Airborne Div. (Normandy, Holland, Ardennes & Rhineland) dies.
August 15 1944: Airborne assault Southern France. 1945: VJ-Day. Japan accepts the Allies' terms of surrender.
August 16 1940: First Jump from an aircraft in flight at Lawson Field. 1942: 101st Airborne Division activated.
August 17 1944: US General Frederick receives the town flag of Le Muy (Southern France) from the major.
August 18 1956: After surviving WW2, medic Marshall C Oliver (506th PIR) killed by a drunk driver
August 19 1944: First Special Service Force is attached to the First Airborne Task Force.
August 20 1945: 517th PIR arrives back in New York.
August 21 1941: 503rd Parachute Battalion activated at Fort Benning, Georgia.
August 22 1944: Eisenhower issues order to General LeClerc to take Paris.
August 23 1945: 13th Airborne Division reaches New York Port of Embarkation.
August 24 1944: 517th PIR takes St Vallier (Southern France).
August 25 1917: 82nd Infantry Division formed at Camp Gordon. AA for All Americans, members out of 48 states.
August 26 1940: First Platoon Mass Jump from aircraft in flight at Lawson Field (US) 1945: 1st Allied AB disbanded.
August 27 1942: Germans reach Stalingrad on the Wolga River.
August 28 1944: The German garrisons at Toulon and Marseille surrender in Southern France.
August 29 1944: 551st PIB is assisted by French FFI on the clearing of Nice, Southern France.
August 30 1945: 11th Airborne Division lands at Atsugi Airdrome, near Tokyo, as occupation force.
August 31 1944: 551st PIB and 509th PICT advance eastward from the Riviera towards the Italian border.

September 01 1939: Germany invades Poland. 1943: 542nd Infantry Battalion activated at Fort Benning.
September 02 1945: Japanese surrender is signed aboard the USS Missouri in Tokyo Bay.
September 03 1944: Brussel (Belgium) is taken by the Allied forces.
September 04 1943: 502nd PIR boards SS. Strahnaver to the UK.
September 05 1943: First Airborne Combat Jump: 503rd jumps into Markham Valley, New Guinea.
September 06 1943: 506th PIR is in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean aboard the USS Samaria.
September 07 1940: Germany starts its Blitz on England involving all-out Air Raids.
September 08 1944: 2nd Regiment of the First Special Service Force takes over from the 509th PIB at the Alps.
September 09 1944: Montgomery proposes 'Market Garden'.
September 10 1944: First Special Service Force attacks border position at Castellar (Southern France).
September 11 1945: General Hideki Tojo tries to commit suicide. He recovers in a Yokohama US hospital.
September 12 1945: Surrender of the Japanese forces in Southeast Asia is concluded.
September 13 1944: 161st Parachute Engineer Company assigned to the 503rd Regimental Combat Team.
September 14 1943: 505th PIR jumps into Salerno a day after the 504th PIR jumped on to the beachhead.
September 15 1943: 325th Glider Infantry Regiment debarks landing crafts at Paestum, Sicily.
September 16 1940: Roosevelt authorizes 1st US peacetime draft. American males ages 21-36 need to register.
September 17 1944: Market Garden: British & US Paratroopers jump into Holland.
September 18 1943: German withdraw at Salerno.
September 19 1944: James L. Diel E-Co 506th PIR KIA in The Netherlands. Buried at Margraten Cemetery.
September 20 1944: Nijmegen Bridge captured by the 82nd Airborne Division at 08.00 PM.
September 21 1944: Polish Airborne Brigade lands near Driel but can't cross the Rhine.
September 22 2002: 39 veterans of 506th PIR E-Co attend Emmy Awards to win 6 for 'Band of Brothers'.
September 23 1944: Reinforcements land near Overasselt and Son. Elst is captured. 200 Poles cross the Rhine.
September 24 1944: Airborne corridor blocked by Germans near St Oedenrode and Veghel.
September 25 1944: remains of the 1st British Airborne Division withdrawn over the Rhine.
September 26 1944: Sgt. Forrest G. Burk 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery.
September 27 1940: Japan joins the Axis powers of Italy and Germany.
September 28 1944: Pvt. Patrick Myers 502nd PIR 101st US Airborne KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery.
September 29 1943: 505th PIR reaches outskirts of Naples, Italy.
September 30 1944: Cpl. Thomas G. McNabb 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten Cemetery.

October 01 1942: The New Screaming Eagles report to Fort Benning for training.
October 02 1944: Easy Company, 506th PIR moves to The Island (Zetten) by truck, crossing the Nijmegen Bridge.
October 03 1944: 101st Airborne Division is dug in on 'The Island'.
October 04 1944: Allied Forces land near Patras, Greece.
October 05 1944: 506th PIR Major Horton and E-Co's Dukeman KIA at Opheusden (The Island), The Netherlands.
October 06 1944: 1st Lt. Harold B. Carter 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery.
October 07 1944: Pfc. Glenn E. Hamlin 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery
October 08 1944: 'Take care of my boys', last words of Col. Johnson, 501st PIR, KIA near Heteren, The Netherlands.
October 09 1944: Dick Winters becomes XO of 2nd Battalion, 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division.
October 10 1942: 88th Airborne Battalion activated. Later absorbed by the 326th GIR of the 13th Airborne Division.
October 11 1943: British 8th Army regroups in Italy.
October 12 1944: Allied Paratroopers land at the Athens Airfield, Greece.
October 13 1944: Allies launch attack in Venlo direction from Nijmegen, The Netherlands.
October 14 1944: Pvt. William F. Davis 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery.
October 15 1942: Battle of Stalingrad rages around the Tractor Factory.
October 16 1944: Pvt. Elio Cessarini 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery.
October 17 1944: Venray, The Netherlands liberated.
October 18 1944: Germany orders all males between 16 and 60 to enlist in the Volkssturm.
October 19 1941: Stalin announces to remain stationed in Moscow although this city is threatened by the Germans.
October 20 1942: 508th Parachute Infantry Regiment activated at Camp Blanding. Florida.
October 21 1944: Aachen surrenders to the Allied Forces.
October 22 1944: Pfc. Edmund P. Ambrose 502nd PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten US Cemetery.
October 23 1944: 25 paratroopers of 506th PIR cross the Neder-Rijn at Randwijk to evacuate 130 British Paratroopers.
October 24 1944: Colonel Sink, Commander of 506th PIR, issues Battlefield Citation on Randwijk evacuation.
October 25 1944: Soviet Troops conquer the city's near the Dnepr River.
October 26 1943: Japanese forces are in withdraw on New Guinea.
October 27 1944: Tilburg is liberated by Allied Forces.
October 28 1944: Easy Company, 506th PIR becomes easternmost tip of the Allied advance near Driel.
October 29 1944: Breda liberated by Polish 1st Armored Brigade.
October 30 1944: 'Arnhem Annie' (German Radio) broadcasts: 'You can hear our music, but you can't walk our streets';
October 31 1944: Fred 'Moose' Heyliger E-Co 506th PIR shot by 101st AB Paratrooper. He forgot the password.

November 01 1945: in this month the Airborne Command Center transferred to Fort Bragg.
November 02 1944: Almost 1000 Allied bombers attack Dusseldorf.
November 03 1942: Robert F. Sink gets promoted to Colonel.
November 04 1944: Cpl. Francis T. Pernan 501st PIR, 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten.
November 05 1940: Franklin D. Roosevelt wins election to a 3rd term as US President.
November 06 1944: Pvt. William J. Dellapenta 501st PIR, 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten.
November 07 1944: Franklin D. Roosevelt wins election to a 4th term as US President.
November 08 1944: 11th Airborne Division (Angels) sailing from New Guinea to the Philippines.
November 09 1942: 509th PIR paratroopers reach Tafaraoui airbase (North Africa) after a 35 mile march.
November 10 1943: Soviet paratroopers jump near Cherkassy to link up with the partisans in that area.
November 11 1944: Cpl. Norman D. Lantow 501st PIR, 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Normandy.
November 12 1943: Germans invade the island of Leros (Aegean Sea) with an Infantry Division. No Fallschirmjager.
November 13 1944: German U-boat U-978 sinks 3 US Liberty Ships.
November 14 1944: Allied Forces launch attack to eliminate German positions west of the Maas in the Netherlands.
November 15 1942: 501st PIR activated at Camp Toccoa. 509th PIR jumps at Youks Les Bains (Algeria).
November 16 1943: Australian Forces attack Japanese strongholds on New Guinea.
November 17 1953: crashing C-119 troop carrier kills 15 82nd AB troopers that jumped from the preceding plane.
November 18 1944: 11th Airborne Division lands enters war at the Philippines.
November 19 1944: 1st Lt. Douglas L. Wilcombe 501st PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Ardennes.
November 20 1944: Pvt. Joaquin Hernandez 506th PIR 101st Airborne Division KIA. Buried at Margraten.
November 21 1944: 555th Parachute Infantry Company redesignated in A Company 555th PIB.
November 22 1944: Major General R.T. Frederick announces leaving first Airborne Taskforce by letter to men.
November 23 1944: German 15th Army falls back in The Netherlands.
November 24 1944: 2nd French Division captures Strasbourg.
November 25 1944: On Leyte, Philippines, US Paratroopers advance across difficult terrain.
November 26 1943: Aboard a sunken British Troop transport Ship more then 1000 men die.
November 27 1944: Japanese paratroopers reinforce the attack around Burauen, Leyte.
November 28 1943: Teheran Conference begins. Churchill, Roosevelt and Stalin meet for the first time.
November 29 1944: USS Maryland is severely damaged by Kamikaze attacks.
November 30 1945: 506th PIR inactivated in France.

December 01 1942: Teheran Conference ends. Allies agree to invade Europe in spring 1944.
December 02 1942: 503rd PIR lands at Cairns, Australia to be expanded into the 503rd RCT.
December 03 1944: The British Home Guard, formed in 1940, is deactivated.
December 04 1942: E-Co 506th PIR reports to Fort Benning for jump school.
December 05 1941: Hitler agrees to stop the attempts to capture Moscow.
December 06 1941: US president Roosevelt makes an appeal to the Japanese Emperor for peace. In vain.
December 07 1941: Japanese attack on Pearl Harbor.
December 08 1941: US declare war on Japan.
December 09 1944: British government reduces black-out regulations.
December 10 1943: 509th redesignated to Company A, 509th PIB, independent unit.
December 11 1941: Italy and Germany declare War on the US.
December 12 1944: Hurtgen Forrest Battle continues.
December 13 2002: Lester Hashey, E-Co 506th PIR, 101st Airborne Division passes away.
December 14 1942: 508th PIR reaches full strength after activation (Mostly ex-502nd PIR and ex-29st ID)
December 15 1944: Major amphibious landing at Mindoro Island, Central Philippines, by the 503rd RCT.
December 16 1944: Germans launch attacked in the Ardennes. Battle of the Bulge starts.
December 17 1935: First DC3 type airplane takes of. The C-47 variant would be the basic Troop Carrier.
December 18 1944: 82nd and 101st Airborne Divisions race towards Bastogne.
December 19 1944: 506th PIR arrives at Bastogne.
December 20 1944: 506th A Company holds the line at Noville / Foy.
December 21 1944: 'Nuts'. 101st Airborne Division surrounded at Bastogne.
December 22 1944: at Sadzot (Belgium) 509th holds out against two Panzer Grenadier Battalions.
December 23 1944: Bastogne. Weather prevents allied air-support for the surrounded 101st Airborne Division.
December 24 1945: 503rd PIR inactivated at Camp Anza, California.
December 25 1944: Christmas in Bastogne. Melted snow as water, no presents. Lots of Christmas-trees.
December 27 1944: Liberation of Ettelbruck, Luxembourg.
December 28 1943: 508th PIR boards the US James Parker and crosses the Atlantic to Europe.
December 29 1944: 327th GIR still holds ground near Lutremage in spite of fierce German attacks.
December 30 1943: 555th Parachute Infantry Company activated. The all black 555th PIB would originate from it.
December 31 1942: Japanese High Command decides to evacuate Guadalcanal.

This website is dedicated to all Allied Paratroopers of World War Two. They became a 'Band of Brothers' who enlisted for a new type of warfare. They jumped into occupied Holland on September 17th 1944 like Angels from the Sky. We will honor their heritage.